Born and raised in Chicago Illinois and now residing in the Los Angeles Skid Row community. Lorenzo Punchello Hollis Unkal Bean Kwansi was blessed to be introduced to music at a young age and has been inspired by all genres of music. His first album was released in 1998 under artist name Kwansi album titled Hardtimes. following in 1999 Hardtimes 2, 2000 Hardtimes 3, 2001 Stressed Out, 2001 Ups and Downs, and 2001 Kwansi Bounce. In 2003 he released The Three R's under the artist name Unkal Bean, also following releasing Titles, Subjects, and Concepts Album in 2003. In 2004 he released The Seven Years In The Life Album. Unkal Bean recorded and released Bean's Reality Rap and also numerous amounts of songs until he had to take a break. In 2010 he released Can't Leave LA VOL 1 and 2012 VOL 2  followed with a mixtape titled The Afrikan American. forwarding to 2014 he released the Album Reality of Deceit an Album that shows multiple sides of the artist, the man, the entertainer Unkal Bean. Coming  soon for all Unkal Bean fans two new releases titled Chasing Feelings which is a hip hop project  and Love Me Or Lower Me which is an alternative project with a mixture of reggae, rock, and rap that will soon be available for download. Focusing on the living dream Unkal Bean has continued to perform at numerous events and has opened up for some of the biggest names in hip hop. Being a member of the Skid Row Community he has participated in nonprofit events and also performed at The First Occupy Skid Row Concert Event that took place on Skid Row in 2012, Thanks to General Jeff Page, Chuck D, and Public Enemy. Unkal Bean also has done film and television and has film projects in the works. Presently working on a new project for 2017 - 2018 he is available for booking Unkal Bean Kwansi. NOW SERVING THE NEW SINGLE AWE HEY'LL / DO THE MATH

  2020 -2022 Unkal Bean has faced a number of trials and tribulations but still has faced adversity and still is pushing forward with a number of singles EP's and Albums be ready for whats to come.